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8 Tips for choosing the right Calgary martial arts studio:

Calgary martial arts are a collection of systems and techniques used mostly for defense. In order to select the style that’s most suitable or you, you need to research each fighting system and see its pros and cons. Follow these steps to understand the differences between different martial arts styles and find the one which is most suitable for you.

1. Have a brief look over all styles and see which one tempts you the most.

2. Determine whether your preferred martial art style is “hard” or “soft”. Offensive techniques such as popping and hitting indicate a rough fighting style, which tends to be physically intense and suitable for those who want to withstand longer training sessions. Defensive techniques such as blocking and redirecting indicate a soft style, which may be less physically demanding and suitable for older students and those with physical disabilities.

3. Find out whether the fighting techniques rely mostly on hitting or gripping. Hitting means attack with fists, feet, elbows and knees. Gripping involves getting in control of the attacker and throwing him on the floor.

4. Study the history of each art in order to understand cultural differences. For example, high kicks in Taekwondo started as a way of striking dismounted soldiers from the horseback. Does this heritage style attract you more than the others?

5. Create a table to compare your research and see the attributes of each martial art.

6. Research your fitness level. Do you have health problems that could affect your ability to practice some martial art styles?

7. Watch students practicing different styles that you are interested in before choosing. Many schools have an observation area so you can see when a class is in progress. Ask for permission first.

8. Summarize the information available and choose your favorite style of martial arts that is consistent with your long-term interests, health and physical condition.

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Information about the main types of Calgary martial arts

Aikido is a soft style involving grips, suitable for older practitioners or those with physical health problems.

Karate is a hard style, involving powerful hits and sometimes weapons that include Nunchuk – short handles, like sticks, which are tied to a chain.

Taekwondo is a hard style of hitting based in Korea, which teaches learners about striking vital points and getting tight grips of the enemy.

Jujitsu is a soft style which emphasizes a small use of force to defeat the opponent.

Kung Fu (or Wushu) can be hard or soft, striking or trapping. There are over 400 different styles in this regard.

Judo is a soft style involving grips, being mostly based on Jujitsu; its purpose is to create a calm and serene mind condition that is helpful in defeating opponents.

Tai Chi is a soft style of defense that has strong philosophical principles, emphasizing harmony with nature and people.

These are the main types of martial arts to be taken into account. Each of them has its own benefits, so research well before choosing one.

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